"Spheres is a project to help us start a new life."


SPHÈRES aims to support young Montrealers aged 12 to 24 who are being sexually exploited. The proposed intervention is a personalized approach focused on their needs and aspirations. Their participation is voluntary, meaning that they must acknowledge being engaged in sexual activities that they perceive to be problematic.

The SPHÈRES project relies on co-operation between institutional and community partners to support these young people in their efforts to change in order to build a positive self image, develop their autonomy and find their place in the world.

The overall objective of the SPHÈRES project is to promote partnership and the development of concerted actions to help young people satisfy their needs other than through involvement in sexually exploitative behaviour.

These video clips are complementary to Spheres guidelines which are tools to explain a complex content and to support partners from other regions who would like to implement such program.