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"I often call my Sphères project counsellor when I’m having a hard time. It makes me feel better because she listens to what I have to say and we’re able to talk. She’s really there for me, like a little angel that helps me make choices and watches over me."
Julia, 17
"Sphères offers us activities that I find interesting."
Mathieu, 20
"It was the first time that someone wanted to talk about me and not what I did."
Myriam, 16
"The other day, I wanted to run away from [name of shelter], but my counsellor took me to an [artistic] activity and listened to me. It really helped. I felt better and didn’t run away!"
Jade, 16
"I think everyone should know just how good these people are for us and about the great work they do with us. They’ve been so helpful that I can’t find the words to say it all. I see [my counsellor] once a week. We work on all kinds of things. I learn and appreciate myself more. If I have a crisis, she tries to take the time with me. If I need advice or someone to talk to, I can always count on her. No matter what, she’s always there for me and is someone who cares and loves what she does. This program is probably one of the best I know."
Keisha, 18
"I’m finally able to talk about prostitution and how things really are and get the help I need without it affecting my follow-up at the youth shelter."
Cindy, 16